EDA Weapons Academy is a division of Elite Defence Academy International, South Africa’s largest and fastest-growing Krav Maga and combatives training organization.

Elite Defence Academy International has training centres in 3 countries (South Africa, Namibia, and Kenya), and to date has accredited 37 certified Krav Maga instructors across 26 training facilities. EDA is widely recognized as the home of one of the world’s most progressive systems of Krav Maga, which is unique in its appearance and its principle-based approach to effective combat.

One of the basic tenets of the EDA philosophy is that we regard empty-hand fighting as an absolute last resort – we teach a “weapons first” philosophy, because we are dealing with self defense, not a sport, in what is possibly the most violent country in the world.

We believe in solid basics, simplicity of design and execution, and above all, an approach that is based on reality. There is not a single technique we teach that has not been thoroughly pressure tested, and which has been actually used in situations where lives have been at stake.

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